Busy, Busy, Busy

I am extremely busy at the moment, I'm often posting from my PDA and mobile phone. I should be catching up with stuff on Friday (including answering all those comments people have left).
Got some blood results (post PEP stuff), seems my White Cell Count is still going down. I think they have a life-span of 120 days, so it might get lower before it gets better. Still it gives me an excuse to see the rather pretty occupational health nurse.

Today we did the usual of little old ladies who feel unwell calling their GP and the GP calling us to take them to hospital because they are too busy to actually drag their arses out of their office to visit sick people. On the Radio it seems that lots of people are dropping dead – the weather is quite a bit warmer (24 Celsius) so the old are placed under a bit more physiological stress.

I have a hundred and one things to do, and no time to do it – simple stuff like paying bills can be incredibly hard when you are single and a shift worker.

And I think I'm moaning too much…

I'm off to bed now – goodnight all.

One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy”

  1. 24 Celsius = Warm? OK, UK and all that. Knew there was a good reason why I left for Oz in 68.Right now it's down to 12C here in Canberra, and I've got the heater on, and a coat.'All the leaves are Brown, and the Sky is Grey…'. Though right now, it's Blue. Canberra, unlike most of Oz, actually has seasons, and we're in mid-Autumn.

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