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Well, they still haven't found the chemical weapons which have gone missing in London – yet. East London is a melting pot, there are 220+ languages, probably as many religions and racists hang around outside schools looking to beat up ethnic minorities. Eastern Europeans have a fight every Friday night, we have Mosques, Churches Temples and Gurdwaras . We have people who are quite plainly insane, and people who are “bad, not mad”. We have organised crime and individual psychopaths.
There are enough individuals and groups who bear others a grudge that the find of Phosgene would seem like a gift from god.

Our Chemical Decontamination team are looking nervously at each other…

Oh, well – fingers crossed.

Hopefully I'll have another 10 year old who wants to avoid school so I can get a nice fried breakfast at the hospital today. The weather is lovely, so cruising the streets of Newham looking for sick people is actually a pleasure.

Are my priorities in the right place?

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