I have a small problem…
I bought Pokémon Colosseum today – and I'm already hooked. (Yes I know it's a “kids” game – but I don't care, it's fun) I've read that the single player campaign is fairly short which will mean I'll soon be back to posting at my normal rate. So I spent 9 hours playing this thing (it's a lovely game it tells you exactly how much time you have wasted on it) and now when I close my eyes all I just see a blur of primary colours.

The problem is, once I get obsessed with something I find myself playing until 4am in the morning…

I'll have to give it a miss playing it tomorrow and Sunday, as I'm visiting my brother to (a) Watch 3 movies (Kill Bill 2, Van Helsing and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – I have varied tastes) and (b) Drink alcohol and enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest (If only for the sparkling, and then later drunken commentary by Terry Wogan).

Then back to work on Monday from 07:00 to 19:00.

On Sunday I'll get round to answering all the comments people have been leaving (with any luck) – I promise I won't play any more Pokémon until after I've answered them.

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