Bio-Socks Of Doom

Man denies tunnel terror charges
A man arrested at the Channel Tunnel has denied five offences under the Terrorism Act, at the Old Bailey.

Andrew Rowe, 32, from Maida Vale in north-west London, was arrested in Dover in October after being detained as he entered the tunnel in France.

Mr Rowe, of Carlton Vale, pleaded not guilty to three offences of possessing articles for use in terrorism.

He also denied two charges of making a record of information for terrorist purposes and will face trial next year.

The charges against Mr Rowe refer to a pair of socks attached with a cord, instructions on how to use a mortar and a “substitution code”.

He was remanded in custody until January 2005 when he is due to face trial.

Can someone please explain to me how “a pair of socks attatched with a cord” can be used in terrorism? If a “substitution code” is a terrorist article, then WHSmiths and its fine collection of puzzle books must be Al-Quaida central.

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