Deaf Old Women

“W” is working tonight from our main station – He is always a good laugh and always seems to have a joke whenever he works. Tonight I met him outside the hospital and he told me about a deaf old woman he had just brought in.
It was raining as he started to wheel her out her house so he made the comment “It's raining, you picked a fine time to be ill”.

“Eh?” was the reply.

“The rain…it mucks up my hair”.



With this she took a long hard look at W's very short, and very receeding hair and asked him, “Is it because of cancer?”

It is now 3:00am and already every other patient we have picked up has been drinking – from the 38 year old male having a panic attack, who didn't want to talk to us; to the 50 year old female who slipped on some steps coming out from the pub and cut her head. This has so far ended with our last call being one of our smelly “frequent flyers” who thankfully decided not to hang around and wait for us to turn up.

Then there was the police car that managed to accidentally force another car into someones garden – one of those jobs where every passing car slows down to stare. Thankfully there were no injuries, apart from the houseowners disturbed sleep. (At least I assume it was the owner – he was dressed in no shoes and a dressing gown).

With a bit of luck people are now wrapped up nice and snug in bed, away from the rain – and the only calls we will get will be the 5:00am “I'm in labour” call that will result in a baby around 11:00am (long after I'm in bed).

I'm going to try and get a bit of a sleep so that I look vaguely human for tomorrows Blogmeet.

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