Blogmeet #1 Pre-Meet Jitters

I'm going to a Blogmeet tomorrow and I don't know what any of these people look like. This is leaving me just a bit nervous – how will I know who is a blogger? Will I be standing around like an idiot? As I'll just be coming off a night shift I'll be a bit “fragile”, so I find myself considering some strategies for meeting up with the right people…
In order to find the bloggers I shall,

1) Be listening out for talk about PHP,CSS,HTML or just about the Iraq war.

2) Listen out for someone saying “Hello BastardMark” – no chance of confusion there surely…

3) Just wander around looking at other people who are there solo and ask them if they are “Fluffy”, “Frog” or “Legomen”.

No chance of any embarrassing encounters there then…

3 thoughts on “Blogmeet #1 Pre-Meet Jitters”

  1. Actually, what's more likely is that there will be various clumps of people talking quietly amongst themselves, all wondering where the blogmeet is and being too scared to approach anyone else and say “are you here for the blogmeet?” in case they go “the whatwhat?”.That probably didn't help much. Sorry.

  2. What you are saying is that my carefully thought out and planned point (3) is useless…I suspect I'll just stick a post-it note on my head…

    “Warning: I Blog” should do it.

    Or maybe “I'm Not Belle Du Jour”.

  3. Pretty much, yes.The only other way to assess the likelihood of people being there for a blgomeet is to look for the technology – laptops, digital cameras, ipods and pdas and of course, camera phones.

    Of course, that's a lot more difficult these days because so many people have them, but it just might give you that edge.

    Having trawled bloggers sites for photos of what they look like is usually the best bet… that way you just have to work up the guts to approach them.

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