New Crewmate

Maddog asked me how I'm getting on with my new crewmate.
“C” is a 48 y/o male with a wife and two grown children.

We actually have a very similar attitude to work – in that the job is as hard as you make it, that the things that other crews worry about don't actually matter in the long run, and that patients who walk are a god-send.

He is a good bloke, and we have already hit that place where we know what the other one wants us to do by just a glance. We haven't had a major trauma yet, but so far we are both more than happy with the treatment given to the patients that we have seen. “C” like me stands back a little when the other is attending, something I appreciate – I can see why some people “step in” when dealing with patients, but I like to go at my own pace when assessing a patient, if my crewmate does “step in” it makes me feel rushed.

“C” can dismiss most worries/stresses/problems with a laconic “fuck-em” – something I can appreciate…

So we are getting on well, looking after patients in the way they are meant to and we are not getting stressed by the things we have no control over.

I enjoy working with him so much I'm even doing some *gasp* overtime!

I don't normally do overtime – I normally like my days off to be just that – days off

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