Gamma GT

I went to occupational health today – it seem that the last time they checked my blood (because of being on PEP) my liver enzymes were a bit elevated. Most significantly my Gamma GT was at 164 (it should be between 0-55). PEP is well known as having effects on the liver, so this isn't completely unexpected.
More blood was taken today to check that the enzymes have returned to normal. The nurse was very concerned that I was alright in having my blood drawn, and that I wouldn't faint. She was asking me this while I'm sitting opposite her in full uniform…

The nurse was also a bit surprised that I'd had the aural hallucinations and looked as me as if she thought I was turning schizophrenic – I assured her that the “voices” were now leaving me alone and that it wasn't a problem. She'd never heard of this symptom before, so at least I entertained someone today.

Coming back from the occupational health department we got a call to a man collapsed in the street – that's right, laying in the rain at 13:00 was someone who was completely drunk. He refused to give us any details, to go with us to hospital or even for us to run him home. I'm not moaning because it gave me a chance to get a saveloy and chips.

Four hours of the shift left to go. Then two days off, after seven days working, this will be bliss.

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