These Boots…

These Boots…

Have walked along train tracks.

Have been washed in the blood of murder victims.

Have kicked in doors to get to unconscious women.

Have stepped in more urine, in more tower blocks than I'd care to think about.

Have kept my feet warm and comfortable on long nights.

Have been allowed into a mosque.

Have climbed fences to reach dead bodies.

Have run across football fields to try to save a life, and failed.

Have been spat on, vomited on and shit on.

Have stood in “remains”.

Have tried to find purchase while walking backward down narrow stairs.

Have defended me from drunks and druggies.

Have been run over by a 22 stone trolley.

Have been stared at by a daughter when telling them their mother has died.

For Pix, who denies she has a shoe fetish.

10 thoughts on “These Boots…”

  1. I put a fine, fine shine on my boots before my shift on Friday. The whole time, I was thinking that someone “across the pond” has the same idea as me.Thanks


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