The Divine Comedy

Yes I have been mucking around with the formatting of this site – I don't know if I like this new look or not, or if I'm going to change it further. Lets just call it an experiment.
My brother, his ex-girlfriend and myself went to see The Divine Comedy at the Palladium last night. It's been years since I went to a gig that you sit down at. If there is one thing the Palladium shows us, it's that people used to be small. The seats and the spacing between them are tiny – I spent the whole night crunched up unable to move a muscle. I might be 6'1″ tall but last night was the first time I really felt it. It was a good thing the music was so good, as this excused the lack of space coupled with the sweltering heat of a packed venue.

The venue was also being filmed for a forthcoming DVD release so there were a lot of cameras flying about, something I'm used to given the number of festivals that I've been to.

There was a 15 piece orchestra on stage, which gave me a chance to exercise my fetish of women who play classical instruments…

The music was excellent, Neil Hannon is a great writer and coupled with his singing skills the night was a complete success – from the most jazzed and languid “Songs of Love” to the audience participation on “National Express“. Highlight of the night for me though was the cover of Queens of the Stone Age track “No-one knows” – Imagine it being played by this aforementioned 15 piece orchestra and being proceeded by a tale of leaf collecting and ancient German folk polkas…

A bloody good night – I love live music and need to make the effort to go to some more gigs.

Back to work on a “proper” truck tomorrow with my new partner “C”. I'd be looking forward to it if I wasn't on the “granny run” shift. This is a daylight hours shift where you find yourself mainly picking up little old ladies who a doctor has already been to see and transporting them to hospital – plenty of lifting and very little fun at a drunken patients expense. The only bonus to this shift is that my body clock is “normal” to the rest of society.

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