Damn that Cory Doctorow and his insight. His description of London is something that is so simple and pure – yet something I, a Londoner born and bred, would never have seen. We should all be thankful his intelligence is working for the good guys at the E.F.F.
I may have to kill him when I see him – just to stop the rest of us looking bad, other people I may have to kill include Londonmark, Diamond Geezer, Dave and Gary Turner. Go read them before I make them become “yet another statistic”

The other side of EMS” have lost a member of their team. My sympathies go out to all concerned, his recent posts have been from the heart.

I am definitely able to go to the London Blogmeet on the 12th of May, and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to make the one on the 8th. Two social occasions in the space of five days? Makes me feel young again.

I'm still struggling with learning CSS so I can change the template of this page. But I'm a bit worried I'll just muck it up.

“Jellyman” by Autamata is soothing my fevered mind. Like Lemon Jelly, it's the sort of music I love to wind down to.

I get to see The Divine Comedy on Monday with my brother and his friend. Previous shows have been good, so I'm rather looking forward to it.

Another day spent on the Rapid Response Unit – absolutely no medical/trauma emergencies. One “frequent flyer” that I haven't seen in – oh, a month.

Trauma” on BBC One (and Three) is about the area in which I work, some of my friends are on camera as well. Not a bad programme but it does make it out to be more interesting than the job really is. (I may be in the background of an episode, Hell I was captured opening a door and bashing a doctor in the back with it…) It's nice to watch something on telly going, “I've been there”, “it's all scrotes in that area” and “That was the nurse that killed my patient”…

I think my guts are getting back to normal, as I've been farting all day – something that is not recommended when you are sharing a small car with a woman you hardly know…

Recent articles by Pixeldiva and Pete have me eyeing my “rubbish” drawer, I have too many things of no use – and so tonight I shall wade through them with the sword of pragmatism pruning the bush of detritus. (Do you think I stretched that last sentence too much?)

My “SuperMop” I bought yesterday has resulted in the cleanest bathroom floor I have ever seen*. I am most pleased.

*Well, in any property that I've lived in.

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  1. enjoy the divine comedy- my housemate alex is going to see them too, so if you meet a long-haired hippy geek there, thats him.I really like your blog, think its awesome, keep going and best of luck with getting back to work

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