Why Today Was Annoying

Today was a bit of a bugger for no end of reasons, so I'll just list the reasons here.
1) Went down to my garage to find that it had been forced open – luckily the car was still there, and I have nothing else to steal in the garage. The vandals/thieves had gone along the row of garages breaking into them and vandalising cars.

2) Turned up on station to find that there was no work for me – so the resource centre let me go and report my crime (bless their little cotton socks) – then sent me to another station to pair up in the Rapid Response car.

3) I was told that I would be working for the next nine days (because of a discrepancy between the resource centre and my station) I went running to the station officer which has sorted it all out nicely. Now I have some actual time off where I won't be feeling sick as a dog.

4) In a lull during work I went to my council office to tell them about the damage done to my garage – they told me it would be seven days before they could fix the door.

5) On the way home I bought a new padlock for my garage door, thinking that a garage unlocked for seven days would mean me saying bye-bye to my car (it has been stolen 6 times previously). When I reached home the council had fixed my door and put a new padlock on the door. So I had to turn around and head back to the council office so I could get the keys to allow me access to my own garage. I'm now £15 ($26) out of pocket for a padlock that I won't be using.

6) I learnt that some chemical cleaning agents will actually strip the enamel off your bath.

I am tired, I am fed up and I'm on the Rapid Response car again tomorrow; but I won't be driving as I'm “not insured” – I'm insured to drive a big white deathtrap around London, but not a normal (if speedy) car. I don't understand, and I don't think I want to.

Still this has given me the final kick in the arse to ask for a transfer to a nicer bit of London – I'm getting a bit tired of workmates saying “You live _THERE?_ Why?” when they find out where I live. It'll probably take years before they move me, but it's worth a try.

As for work, all our emergency calls were quite simple and I think I spent a total of ten minutes “face-time” during the entire shift. Which is a bit dull, but is a nice warm-up to get back into the swing of working after such an extended “sickness”.

The good news about my rota change is that I can definitely go to the London Blogmeet on the 12th of May, and I only need to get one day off to go to the Blogmeet on the 8th of May.

But now I just want to go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Why Today Was Annoying”

  1. It might sound like a silly question, but if you've still got the receipt for the padlock can't you take it back? And even if you've lost the receipt you may be able to exchange it for something you might be able to get more use out ofKaty

  2. To be honest, the padlock I've bought looks like it might keep thieves out for an additional 10 seconds. So I'm going to use the one I bought, and give the other to my mum – the padlock on her shed is nearly rusted shut.I did get a “supermop” at the same time – which I have a new found love for, so it wasn't a completely wasted trip. My bathroom floor has never been so clean.

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