New And Interesting

You might want to miss this post, as it is nothing but a complete whine…
The side effects have become “interesting” – I thought that they were starting to subside, and was looking forward to going back to work; unfortunately I was seriously mistaken.

I know feel as if I have the “flu”; really influenza – not the cold that most people moan about. Every muscle in my body is either worn out or in pain, the nausea has reached new heights (but no vomiting as of yet), my sleep is intermittent at best, and I have a new friend in the form of a splitting headache for the last two days. I can barely type as the muscles in my hand go into spasm as soon as I touch the keyboard, and I'm sure I'm getting aural hallucinations. I also can't think straight and just want to lay in bed all day dozing.

I don't know if this is from the PEP or an opportunistic infection that has wandered along while my defences are down.

Anyway I'm off to my mum's place – it's her birthday and I want to see her face when she realises I've bought her “Dance Revolution UK” and Dance Mat.

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