New Referrals

I've recently got a lot of referrals from Monkey Filter, A.E Brain, Normblog and Black Triangle. I'd never heard of them, but they all seem like a good read, even if my critical facilities are thrown off a bit by feeling as rough as a dogs arse…
All because my big mouth got me in trouble…

Makes the recurrence of the diarrhoea and nausea side-effects from the P.E.P all the more palatable. I'm still bored beyond description, but I suspect that my plan to go back to work early might have to go on the backburner. Needing to be within 10 seconds of a toilet puts a bit of a crimper in my plans to race around the streets of Newham saving lives and scraping drunks off the street.

This is how long I have to keep taking the pills – at ten a day.

Plus the Combivir and the Domperidone…

Anyone want to play “Guess how many pills are in the bottle”?

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