Turning Around Your Body Clock

No sooner than I moan about always shifting from Days to Nights than Boing Boing provide a link to this – “How to rise and shine when you're nocturnal by nature”
Some intractable owls have learned to embrace the night life. Lifelong owl Dorothy Bain, 68, tried everything to transform herself into a lark, from sleeping pills to light therapy, but after retiring, she realized she had the luxury of giving in to her nocturnal nature.

“I realized I could either go through the world as a zombie on everyone else's schedule or I could take advantage of my most productive hours,” she says. So at 2 a.m. you may find her housecleaning, running the laundry, baking, sewing or painting. “Where is it written that you need to do the laundry at 7 in the morning? There are all kinds of things people never think of doing at night that there's no reason not do,” she says.

As it is, I took tonights insomnia as an excuse to work on my new website. At the moment it looks crap, but is better than not looking like anything at all.

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