Learning A New Skill

I have been charged with designing a Web-site for a group of people who are looking for new members. For some reason (probably because I've created the odd website now and again) I find myself the best person to do it.
The problem is, I last made a web-site probably six years ago – and expectations then were a lot lower than they are today.

So, in order to not have the site laughed at, I'm going to have to learn about XHTML, CSS, ASP and how to do “decent” graphics with Paint Shop Pro.

I'm back at work in a weeks time, do you think I'll have enough time to learn and create the page?

I used to find it easy to learn computer stuff, I taught myself Basic and Z80A Machine code from some books, and some experimentation. I taught myself (like everyone else I suspect) HTML from some magazine articles and websites. I taught myself how to fix computers just by fiddling with them, and how to swear in Tagalong from one website.

But I'm an old dog now, and find it a lot harder to learn those new tricks.

Maybe I'll cry “foul” and sit back and read my Neal Stephenson book (The second part is out, and I haven't made a start on the first one yet)

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