Sorry, I'm going to moan…
The problem with shift work is just that – you work shifts, in my case I work rotating shifts which means that one week I'm working nights, the next I'm working days, etc..

Normally this isn't a problem, as I find it fairly easy to flip over from nights, back to days; for example…

My last night shift ends on 07:00 on a Tuesday, so I stay awake until 22:00 on the Tuesday before going to sleep. Then I wake up around 10:00 Wednesday morning, and laze around until my day shifts on Friday at 07:00.

This makes me feel crap all day Tuesday – but that is the price I pay.

I've been off work now for nine days – and I've had my body clock set on “Day”. However, I suspect due to my pills, I've found myself sleeping fourteen hours some nights – and so I've ended up with my body clock thinking that I'm working nights.

So while the weather outside looks lovely (in the few daylight hours I'm awake) I'm sleeping through it. To be honest I don't think I'm in a fit state to reset my body clock to “day”, so I'm just going to wait it out, maybe it'll reset on it's own, similar to the way it has slipped in the first place.

Oh, and the flatulence is reaching epic proportions, which coupled with the diarrhoea makes every bowel motion an adventure!

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