Dawn Of The Dead

www.HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk tells us that more people have visited the Lincolnshire Echo webpage than there are people living in Lincolnshire.
All because of this…

Apparently there is a “storm of controversy” about this poster showing a “dead girl”. Personally I think it's a good poster – it's eye-catchingly simple, rather haunting and the picture itself has been treated to make it even more unusual. Apparently the Lincolnshire Echo has devoted over five pages to the issue of this poster appearing on a bus stop. 18% of people asked thought it should be banned. The story was apparently picked up by Fark which resulted in the large number of website hits.

Shaun of the Dead looks a more promising film actually.

You may notice I'm still having trouble stringing a sentence together. This is true and I make no apologies.

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