Something For The Brits.

It's four o'clock in the morning and I can't be bothered to go to bed. Faithless – Insomnia is playing on MTV at the moment…

Reynolds looking tired

Does this look healthy to you?

For any weblog owners that are in the UK, there is a new forum for RL meets – at the moment it's based mainly in Manchester – I think some of the rest of us need sign up.

Find it here at


2 thoughts on “Something For The Brits.”

  1. I imagine coming to and seeing this over me…GAH!

    “Hello, I'm from the LAS and I'm here to help you.”

  2. Okay, now that I've gone back and read the entries for the last few days I understand why you look that way. I thought you'd just had a bad night at the pub. My best to you and hope this unpleasantness passes.

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