Pavlov’s Dogs

Well, the PEP is still going down, unfortunately I've developed a Palovian response to the hours of 8 o'clock. Every twelve hours I need to take the pills – I start to get nauseous just thinking about it, the familiar copper taste hits my mouth and I just want to lay down.
I also seem to have lost any control over my circadian rhythms, I'm sleeping for 14-16 hours straight and I'm drowsy for the rest, doesn't matter whether it is day or night.

At the moment the rather wonderful “Scissor Sisters” album is chilling me out nicely, particularly “Return to Oz” (which has a bit that puts me in mind of The Kinks “Lola”). You can hear some samples Here.

I am however losing the motivation for cooking food, not least because of the large amount of washing up accruing in my sink. Makes me feel like a student again.

Also my PC is screaming out for a complete overhaul – and I just can't be arsed.

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