Other Reasons To Be Cheerful

As mentioned earlier – loads of friends are wondering just why I am not bothered about the chances of being found HIV+ in three months time. Well, part of it is that I know the maths. At the moment my chances of becoming HIV+ are estimated at greater than 1 in 5,000. At those odds, I'm just as likely to die by electrocution…

 Chances of dying from selected causes (USA) 

Cause of death                                            Chances

Motor vehicle accident                                                   1 in 100

Homicide                                                                 1 in 300

Fire                                                                     1 in 800

Firearms accident                                                        1 in 2,500

Electrocution                                                            1 in 5,000

Asteroid/comet impact                                                    1 in 20,000

Passenger aircraft crash                                                 1 in 20,000

Flood                                                                    1 in 30,000

Tornado                                                                  1 in 60,000

Venomous bite or sting                                                   1 in 100,000

Fireworks accident                                                       1 in 1 million

Food poisoning by botulism                                               1 in 3 million

Drinking water with EPA limit of tricholoethylene                        1 in 10 million

(From C.R. Chapman & D. Morrison, 1994, Nature 367, 33-40.)

That and, the way my crewmate and I drive our ambulance I'm way more likely to be killed doing that…

The other thing is that there is nothing I can do now to affect the outcome of things – it's in the lap of the Gods.

Side effects are subsiding with Metoclopramide, now I just have a mild nausea and a general feeling of “mildly befuddled”.

5 thoughts on “Other Reasons To Be Cheerful”

  1. 1994? I believe those American statistics might be outdated…I'm sure that the occurrence of firearms-related-accidents-by-sheer-stupidity in the States is much higher than 1 in 2500 these days. Maybe that particular study didn't accurately represent a random sample of the American population…they must have left out Texas.Good on you for being objective about your incident. I'm sure things will turn out just fine for you.

    Agent Devilcat


  2. They were just the first statistics I found that I could make sense of.I'm glad guns are (on the whole) illegal over here, it means only criminals have them, and consequently we have a lot less shooting homicide.

    But we'll “bottle” you at the drop of a hat it seems.

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