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I can tell what people have searched for on Google in order to reach my site. Some of the stuff is strange, some is interesting and at least one is disturbing. I'm not trying to insult anyone here (except perhaps the last entry) it's just a bit of light-hearted fun.
“conciousness random -ring -music -krishna” – Don't ask me. I want to know why they excluded “ring” and “music”.

“1 in 5 men have women's brains” – I'd say one in five men have brains, and leave it at that.

“belle de jour boots” – Given current speculation “Belle” may well wear the same size twelves as I do.

“dangers of prostitution”Really popular for some reason… some people search for “prostitutes in Newham”. Prostitution is in my top five search terms for this page.

“SMELLING WOMENS ARMPITS” – Eh? What? I don't get it…

“haemarroids” – Because I'm one of only 3 Google pages that uses that particular misspelling of hemmaroid, er I mean hemorrhoid (That should get me a few more…)

“Pictures of dead people in random accidents” – Use for that, not me (especially after a Paramedic got the sack for taking “disturbing” photos).

“Medical” – Only three people have come here after searching for “medical” which I think kinda misses the point.

“Paris Hilton and toilet paper” – You make one passing remark about Paris Hilton (who I thought was the hotel, and all sorts of people wander along). And why “toilet paper”?

“psychiatric depression blog” – I know it might not seem it, but I'm normally very happy.

“reality secret” – There is no secret. I can promise you that – and you wouldn't find it here either.

“cingulate gyrus photos” – You want photos of a part of the brain? Why? Still as long as you aren't going out and getting those photos off your next-door neighbour who you buried in the garden.

And rather worryingly…

“9 year old daughter f**k daddy” – More than slightly disturbing…(and those “*“'s were my inclusion)

I've been told that “Womble Porn” should get a few people to this page as well, maybe if I also talk about “Britney Spears” and “fetish” I'll get even more…

6 thoughts on “Search Requests”

  1. Tough situation you've put some of us in. If we don't know what “womble porn” is, what are we to do? A google search? Somehow I'm guessing we won't like what we find. Ignore it? Right…DJ

  2. I suspect that “-ring -music” was due to the profliteration of “FREE RINGtONES!!!1” and “MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOADZ” on the Internet, generally cluttering search results.Unfortunately, Semantic Web is not yet with us, so it'll also block results regarding other kinds of rings. Such are the joys of dumb text matching.

  3. I allways search for “Womble Porn” when I am incapable of spelling random, or reality, or blogware.only the other day you were third on the list, dont remember the other two, however I am pleased to announce your back at Number1 for “womble porn” searches

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