Friday Funday

Yesterday I met up with Pixeldiva who is a fellow London blogger (and as pretty as her picture). We visited The Weather Project which I would recommend anyone in the country going to visit – it finishes on the 29th of March. What we enjoyed the most about it was that the project was being used. Folk were laying on the ground staring up at the mirrored ceiling, making patterns and generally enjoying the ambiance. Pix took some pictures and at one point a giant circle was made on the floor just by a German tourist asking folks if they would mind making a circle. Lo and behold a giant circle was formed, pictures were taken and I was stunned by the whole “ad-hocracy” of it.
Then it was off to Camden for a few drinks where I briefly met Londonmark and D before heading off to watch The Dolz. This four piece were very good although they had to struggle against a rather dodgy sound system. Someone should sign them (and you can get a sample of music Here).

Then to home where my bladder threatened to burst all over the nightbus from the three beers that I'd drunk. I suspect that there are no public toilets between Camden and Barking.

Now I'm just jealous of those people who live in interesting places like Camden.

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