Vaguely Interesting Night

Picked up an assault yesterday – while sitting in the back of the ambulance he told his 2 year old daughter that, “daddy is gonna fucking kill the people who did this to me”, then moaned when the nurse at the hospital told him to moderate his language.
I love this job.

We then went to someone who started hitting his own nose in order to prove that it had been bleeding earlier; and then went to a woman who had a bleeding varicose vein that had stopped bleeding, but wanted to pick at it to prove that it had been bleeding.

Then went to a 14 year old girl who was “fitting” but when we got there was confused and combative – as she was a diabetic we checked her blood sugar, which was low. Being confused is one of the symptoms of a low blood sugar and we normally give them an injection that brings them out of it. So we gave the injection and waited for it to work and receive the grateful thanks of the parents.

But it didn't work.

So we checked the blood sugar, and it had come back up to normal levels – yet the girls condition was unchanged.

So we rather quickly took her into hospital – we haven't been back there yet to find out what had caused her confusion, was it drugs, alcohol, psychiatric problems, CVA or even just a bad nightmare? Once we get back to the hospital which we took her to we will no doubt be able to find out. She didn't have a high temperature, didn't have any medical history besides the diabeties, pupils were normal and responsive, all observations were normal, and was otherwise normal.

We spend a lot of time dealing with things that are simple to cope with – you can fix them almost by rote thinking. But every so often you get a job that throws you. Normally you “wake-up” and deal with it by going back to basics, other jobs just completely confuse you, and this was one of those jobs.

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