That Poor Dead Horse…

Yes I know I thought I'd stop moaning about the psychiatric services (Audience groans) but…
The Newham Mental Health Centre shares the site with Newham General Hospital, in fact the Mental Health centre is 200 yards from the entrance to A+E.

So why did I get two emergency calls following each other to take an in-patient from the mental health center into A+E? Both patients could have walked – or at a pinch got wheeled down the road in a wheelchair. But no, the solution is to call a frontline emergency ambulance. Taking this ambulance off the road deprived other patients, who didn't already have a doctor and nursing staff looking after them. I spoke to the charge nurse in A+E and apparently the same ward had been sending patients down to them all day.

One of the patients claims to have overdosed on his medication, while in the ward. I wonder if anyone will ask how he managed to get enough medication to overdose while in a supposedly safe ward.

So I found myself grinding my teeth, while my crewmate was telling me to take “deep cleansing breaths” and to “go to your happy place”

Now I'm going to wait for that last job before I go home to my nice warm bed at 04:00… Think of that if you had to wake up to a cold grey morning…

3 thoughts on “That Poor Dead Horse…”

  1. I have the exact same problem here. A mental rehab facility that belongs to the hospital, but is in a separate building 200 yards away. When they have an emergency they call and wait on an ambulance to transport them. The Security guard and Rehab Coordinator usually beat us to the ER 200 yards away. Not to mention they have to wait on an ambulance to get there.Some things make no sense.

  2. I was unable to leave a comment at your most recent post so I am putting it here.You said, “Sometimes I feel like a crappy human being.”

    Sounds like someone might need a cyber {{{hug}}}. Hang in there. đŸ˜‰

  3. we all fell like crappy human beings at some points, don't we? the bad part is that these moments come back always.—-

    thanks to weight loss i am not a fatty anymore.

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