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No sooner do I post why I like night-shifts than I get two “proper” emergency calls, one after another. The first was a 76 year old Male “Suspended”, this is someone who is not breathing and their heart isn't beating. Unfortunately despite our best efforts there was little hope for him, and he died later in hospital without his heart ever restarting. His wife of 50+ years was disbelieving of the whole situation, and I was too busy doing CPR to be able to comfort her much. It is one of the few things that I miss about nursing – sometimes you want to spend time with a relative – you can't do anything for the patient, but the relatives then become your concern. For the first time in 50 years she was going to sleep alone and the nurse who would be looking after her isn't someone who I would call the most sympathetic person in the world. I spent a little longer at hospital talking to the wife; the only consolation I could give her was something that I've practised many times over the years – that her husband never suffered, and that he wouldn't have felt anything that we did to him.
The next job was a man, who after drinking too much, fell over in the street. He had a greatly altered level of conciousness, possibly due to the alcohol but also possibly due to the large head injury which was leaking a – frankly excessive – amount of blood over the tarmac. He could have been worse as he was laying in the middle of the road and could have easily been run over. It is important in such a job that you should “collar and board” them. This is a way of immobilising someone in order to prevent any damage to the spinal cord – unfortunately the patient was quite combative and so the only safe way to secure his head was for me to hold it during the transport. All the time blood was leaking through the dressing we had put on him, all over us, the trolley bed and the floor of the ambulance. Some managed to flick up onto my crewmates face, which is something you don't really want happening to you.

I've just come back from the hospital (after dropping off yet another assault) and our patient is doing fine, seems that his altered conciousness was a result of the alcohol. He still isn't sober enough to have a meaningful conversation, but he is looking a lot better than when we picked him up.

Total score for the night..

Death: 1 Us: 7

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