Night Shifts

There has been a discussion over on Doc's forums over which shift we prefer to work. Like many of the others I have a preference for working though the night. The reasons for this are many but include…
1) As I'm single I can lay in bed as long as I want. And breakfast is dinner, and kebabs are lunch, and an icecream is supper.

2) You get empty streets, and so can drive like someone out of “The fast and the furious”.

3) You also get the strange jobs – 'sex-toy accidents', criminal behaviour, stabbings…

4) It feels as if you “own” the world, there is no-one else around, and anyone you do meet is normally shocked to be awake at night.

5) You get to work a lot of jobs with the police, who are generally top people.

6) I get to sleep through early morning television – I'm sorry but I can't see the attraction of Trisha or This Morning.

7) I don't have to go into a school, and be surrounded by 400 screaming children just because a kid has sprained it's ankle.

8) There is less management around – actually there is no management around, always a good thing; I like to avoid management as much as I can, I worked this job for six months before they remembered my name.

9) On a cold winter morning, I'm going to my warm comfortable bed, while everyone else is trudging to work.

It's well described in this page.

3 thoughts on “Night Shifts”

  1. Out of interest, do you get many calls to schools? Certainly my school seems to have the local medics out for tiny minor injuries. I suppose they dont want to risk it ending in a compensation case.

  2. We get a few – schools are reasonably quick to call us, for the reasons that you mention. They'll deal with scraped knees on their own, but anything more serious means that they either call us, or take the kid off to hospital in one of the teachers cars.

  3. Thanks for the info… I've been browsing the archives, I have to say its bloody brilliant, yet sometimes sad, some of the people you encounter. You seem to have a unique viewpoint in your job, it makes fascinating reading.

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