Quantum Vision

While coming back from a transfer to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) I came across a piece of art called “What the eye can't see the heart can't grieve for”, of which you can read more about on this website.
It is basically a number of photographer's flashguns connected to geiger counters, which makes the flashes (which are spread around a couple of buildings) activate randomly. Interesting and pretty, which is only ruined by the pretentious twaddle on the artists web-page.

2 thoughts on “Quantum Vision”

  1. … but it's the pretentious twaddle which gets the grant money to do that sort of stuff.Believe me. if I could figure out how to do that part, I would… but I could never do it with a straight face. I'd go to the interview, start waffling about texture and light, and feeling and then fall about laughing.

    … which is one of the reasons I'm not a professional artist.

  2. I went to the Tate modern and it drove me bonkers – 25,000 for a uniformly blue canvas …”illustrating the American frontier spirit”…Also I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so there is a bit of envy there as well.

    ..So is that what they teach in arts school – how to talk for hours without saying anything.

    Still the flashing lights are pretty

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