Sticky Feet

There is something deeply disturbing about walking on a sticky carpet – especially when the flat is in a complete mess and the punter has called an ambulance four times in the last two days for a pain in the chest that has lasted two years. I'd like the jury to note that the pain hasn't changed in any way, it's not worse, or moved around the body, he has no other symptoms. But the fella just seems to like calling ambulances. I wanted to wipe my feet on the way out of the flat.
It also doesn't help when the patient smells so bad I want to leap out the side window. We also don't have any air freshener, and neither does the hospital.

When we got to the hospital the triage nurse took one look at the patient, muttered “Not him again” and sent him out to the waiting room. I suspect that it may just be a ploy to use this biological warfare to empty the waiting room.

3 thoughts on “Sticky Feet”

  1. Whats a punter? Here in the states it's the bloke who kicks the football when the offense can't make a first down.

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