I Do Like Some People…

Although I often moan about the idiocy of other peoples driving when faced with a big white van with blue flashing lights on top; I am sometimes pleasantly surprised at the lengths some people will go to in order to get out of the way.  For example, yesterday we had people nearly grounding their cars on roundabouts and roadside verges, squeezing into parking spots I wouldn't be able to fit a mini cooper in and swearing at other drivers who wouldn't move out of the way.  I've had workmen stand in the middle of the road and stop traffic, lollypop ladies fence off crossings with their “lollypops” and van drivers who I have 'clipped' while squeezing past them wave me on and tell me, “don't worry about a little damage”.

Yesterday we had all the above on one call (except hitting a van driver), it was like the Red sea parting before us.  It was a beautiful thing to behold; it left us in awe and wonder.

Shame we were going to two year old with a cough.

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