Whinge And Moaning

So it snowed in London for the first time in a year.
Try having your car towed at 2am with no windscreen wipers with snow covering your only view of the car doing the towing. Then (because the battery doesn't work) realising you have no heater – so the inside keeps steaming up. The only light you can see is the indicators of your mum who is towing you in her 1 litre Ford. And the rope keeps breaking so you have to keep tying two frayed ends of rope together, in the snow, in the dark. Lovely…

So yes – it bloody did snow, no it didn't lay on the ground and yes I was bleedin' freezing.

And I'm working tomorrow, where I shall no doubt be spending the better part of the day picking grannies off the floor after they try skating down to the shops to get their cat-food and box of hankies.

One year, when working in A+E we had 23 “Colles” fractures; which are broken wrists suffered most often by grannies falling over with their hands outstretched. It was like a Russian factory getting all those broken bones set properly.

Roll on Spring…

3 thoughts on “Whinge And Moaning”

  1. I do love this website. The link was sent by a friend who knew how much I would appreciate this black humour. My previous job was as a student welfare officer, very hands on, sort it out, everything from serious mental health issues (cutters and jumpers included) to just general pissed-offness. The only thing that kept us going was laughing. It's very cathartic.Nice one.


  2. Thanks folks, it's nice to think that people enjoy reading my various little rants and whinges. I'm a regular reader of Women, Fire and Dangerous things; I like reading the blogs from the other side of the pond – lets me know that us LAS aren't the only ones dealing with complete tripe.As for jumpers and cutters – there has always been a little dark place in my soul that wants to tell them to jump off that tower block so I can get off of this damn freezing roof…

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