Sleep…need sleep…

More runs of twelve hour night shifts, which at this time of year is really tiring. The human body needs to see some daylight, and the short days of winter are not conducive to this. Last night I was asked to work out of Tottenham which, for those of you who don't know the geography of London, is about 20 miles away from where I normally work. No worries I thought, a change is as good as a rest – and rest I did, we had 3 calls all night, only one of which was serious.
The “proper” work was a Farsi speaking gentleman who was having a heart attack – it's important to try and keep the patient calm in those situations, and the language barrier is a big hurdle to jump. But despite not working with this particular crewmate before the job went as smooth as silk – it's always nice when that happens.

I also got to go to two of the hospitals that I used to work at in my nursing days, all my old friends had to say was that I looked “fatter”, which I can only put down to my happiness at my current career and the diet of chips/kebab/burgers that this job seems to force on you. (I'm 6″1' and around 12 1/2 stone – not exactly a lard-arse).

So I'm working tonight (typing this from work at the moment) and then I have four days off until I need to start working from 7am. More unfortunately I'm busy over the whole of my break – so sleep will be a treasured thing. My best bet is to try and grab a few moments of sleep between jobs.


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