A Strange Day

Sorry I had to interrupt that last post but the call which rudely disrupted my post was an old boy who'd fell over and broke his hip. It was one of those jobs where you really feel for the patient and try everything you can to make them more comfortable. The family helped us out and in the end thanked us, so I guess we did a good job. We also had a security guard who was slipping into a diabetic coma, unfortunately for us he wasn't going quietly, instead he was fighting and thrashing and spitting all over the place. Once we'd worked out what was wrong with him from the limited information his workmates could give us it was just a simple job of an injection to effectively “cure” him and bring him back to normality.There were another couple of jobs just like that and it was this that made it a really strange day…everyone we went to actually needed an ambulance. And it wasn't just me, other crews reported exactly the same thing. All we need to do is keep that up for the rest of the year and I will be a very happy bunny indeed.

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