Nice New Motors

The London Ambulance Service is giving us poor Ambulance drivers shiny new ambos to drive…well puke yellow rather than shiny, but they are new. These are Mercedes Sprinters outfitted in EURO RAL 1016 Yellow which is apparently the most striking colour available and is used throughout the European Union. They have lots of nice new bits for us to play with. Most importantly they have a tail lift so now we don't need to break our backs lifting some 20 stone lump into the back of the motor (thats 127 kilo for those using “new money”).
I was asked by a friend what I thought of them, and having just finished my “Familiarisation Course” (four hours of playing with the new toy) I must say I do like it. Not only is the engine more responsive when moving off, but the brakes also work and the interior is much more professional looking.
The only real problem I foresee is that the tail-lift needs around 4 yards to unload the trolley and around London this means that we will have to park in the middle of the road, blocking off other traffic. So if you do see one of us blocking your way, please realise that there is no way we can park the things and be sure of being able to load a patient on board as well.
These things also cost £105,000 each and if we get the slightest scratch on them they have to be taken off the road and repaired (unlike the ones we have at the moment where they are beaten up until they stop working) and as our insurance is £5000 excess it'll mean a lot more money going to vehicle maintenance.
Should be fun, but I can't see them letting me drive one…I estimate if I can squeeze through gaps by driving until I hear the crunch…

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