Big Brother Is Charging You

Apparently Alistair Darling is “very serious” about satellite tracking of cars in the U.K in order to charge us for the use of the roads. It's not as if we don't pay enough road tax, or enough tax on our petrol (to put this in perspective Americans pay 27 pence per litre, France pays 56 pence per litre while the U.K pays 81 pence per litre, of which 61.5 pence is Tax)So now the plan is to fit every car with a satellite tracking system so that you can be charged an amount depending on which road you drive on (1.6p/mile for country roads, 16p/mile in towns). Neglecting the need for everyone to have such a system fitted to their car (and in Newham alone 3,802 in the year 2002/03 were found without road tax) but anyone with even the slightest fear of “big brother” would be worried that the government could track where you drove so accurately.
The plan is for this system to be in place by 2013 although there are plans that lorries will be monitored by the scheme by 2006, I suppose our only chance is that the government make a huge pigs ear out of it by using the lowest bidders (something they tend to go for when privatising other public companies)

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