Some People Just Can’t Wait

Some People Just Can't Wait

So, there I am in my Ambulance helping a bloke who was actually quite ill, when all of a sudden the back doors fly open and some idiot decides to start berating me because I'm blocking the road. Needless to say I am not pleased at this, not only because it is embarrassing for the patient, but also because of the sheer bloody cheek of the woman. When I tell he (very politely mind you) bugger off, she replies with the old favourite “I'm a tax-payer, I pay your wages”. At this I remind her that my patient, my crewmate and I also pay taxes. At this she is a bit non-plussed, yet still she continues to moan that there is no need for me to block the road. As an aside I did need to block the road, I don't do it on purpose, but it is more important (to me at least, but obviously not to women who are much more important than anything I'm doing) to get to the patient quickly. This womans moaning then gets other drivers upset and they start honking their horns, and the only way I get rid of the woman who was in such a hurry was to pull the door shut after me and tell her to imagine her relative in the ambulance…

I didn't hurry treating the patient either.

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