I see a lot of sickness in my work, it kind of comes with the territory. However despite being around highly infectious people for twelve hours of the day I don't get “sick” that often. Sure I get the occasional cold, but I feel better by working it off. In fact I pride myself on my sickness record.
Except when I have “two bucket syndrome” (as a close friend of mine described it). That is Diarrhoea and Vomiting (D+V in medical terminology).

Anything else I can work with, but with D+V you need to be within near proximity to toilets, something that just isn't possible when roaming the streets of London looking for people who want/need to go to hospital.

Still there is no feeling more pleasurable than the post-vomit, where the last hour of feeling nauseous is temporarily over.

Got to look on the bright side…

Bush is about to arrive in England and the cost of security for him is valued at £5m. My mother (not normally a hotbed of revolutionary zeal) suggested that we could save the money by having him assassinated before he arrives…

Blair's spokesman said “…he believes that the majority of people welcome President Bush…” which shows just how in touch with this nation our esteemed leader is.

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