Suicide and Teeth

Tonight has been a funny night, possibly something to do with the Lunar eclipse. In the first hours of the shift there were two people who I wanted to give a good slapping.
The first was a woman who had overdosed on tablets and whiskey, when I first arrived she was crying and looked upset. However, as soon as her (understandably) upset mother entered, the woman started laughing and taking the piss out of her mum. This puts her in the category of suicide attempts that I wish had succeeded.

The second was a young woman who had been hitting her father, when her brother (defending the father) had stepped in and broke the tooth of the woman. This woman was inconsolable over the broken tooth, and would not believe that modern dentistry can make teeth look as good as new (I should know my uncle once had his teeth knocked out with a baseball bat.

The thing is, I always start off being nice to people, but every-so-often you just want to slap them…

…except she had already been slapped.

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