Not Fear, Not Hate But Frustration

I was visiting my brother and a couple of friends tonight and when I returned to my flats I saw someone had taken a crowbar to my garage door and had broken into it. Luckily I was driving my car at the time and it wasn't stolen.

…Which is a first as this car has been stolen five times and even damaged “beyond economical repair” once. In fact it's been stolen so many times I stopped reporting it to the police and instead just trawled around the local estates until I found it.

But I've reported it this time because I'm fed up of living in a place full of scum. Even my friends are surprised I live here, so now I have a nice crime reference number, I can add it to the others and start asking the local council to move me from this shit-hole.

What annoys me is quite simply this…I am powerless to stop these people.

If I was mugged in the street at least I'd have the option of running away (or to be more honest fighting back), but because these crimes are committed while I'm not there I am powerless to do anything about them.

Hence title “Not Fear, Not Hate But Frustration”.

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