Why Would People Even Think It?

Sometimes I am astounded by the bloodymindedness of people, and sometimes by their stupidity. Now I am astonished at their petty nastiness.

I'm driving my “big-white-van-with-blue-flashing-lights-and-a-siren” to a 1 year old child with difficulty in breathing. While passing a group of Asian youths on the pavement, one of them thinks that it would be a good idea to throw his bottle of coke at the ambulance, thus spraying my screen, obscuring my vision and nearly causing me to swerve into on-coming traffic.

All I can say is that it is lucky for them that I was going to a call, because if I hadn't I'd have shoved my boot up their arse.

Where in the tiny recesses of their minds does it seem like a good idea to throw something at an ambulance running on lights and sirens?

All I hope is that one day they need me, something likely given the amount of people like that who get stabbed in my neck of the woods, and I'm just that little too slow to save their worthless skins.

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