I Have A Hole…

“I have a hole in my head. It started as a pimple somewhere just left of the crown of my head (or the Sagital Suture as I have been reliably informed by people knowledgeable in such things). You know how it is, I just worried away at it, scratching and picking. Even when it started bleeding I didn't stop, My knowledgeable friends have told be before that all bleeding stops eventually.”
“I felt my skull after a week of scratching, by then the bleeding had stopped, although there was a slight, vaguely coppery odour.”

“Still the urge to scratch at it didn't leave me, and now the bleeding had stopped it was easier to pick at during work. Of course I had to wear a hat, but I'm lucky, I have a job that lets me do that. Anyway, one of the rules I set myself was to only use my nails, no tools for me! Although sometimes I find myself reaching for a fork, or once a straightened paper clip.”

“But I resist.”

“They keep sending a nurse around to “dress the wound”, but they don't understand, so I let them put the bandage on, as soon as they leave the dressing comes off and I can get that blessed relief that only comes from the feel of nail on bone.”

“But the feeling has changed, the bone is somehow thinner, and is bowing under my fingers. I've also started getting headaches, and my vision isn't so good anymore. But I can work through it, I can work through anything…”

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