There Ain’t No Paedos In America

So, Microsoft has decided to remove all MSN Chatrooms in the UK. This is supposedly to stop paedophiles from grooming and meeting children online. But this is just in some places…For example in America you can join a Chat room with a credit card (Because children would never think to copy down their parents card details down). In Canada and Japan (for instance) the chatrooms will be moderated.
If they had just made the changes I don't think anyone would have been that interested. But obviously some marketing manager has had an mild stroke and thought that telling everyone it was to protect children (other than, say save some money on a non-profitable section of its business) would make Microsoft seem like a caring kind of company.

Now check the time I post this…I need to go to sleep now…and if the folk two doors down from me want to start screaming at an unfeasible time in the morning I think I may just have to stab them.

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