Vomitus is the technical term for the produce of vomiting. I've just come back from a job transporting a drunk who we'd scraped up off the street (pretending to be asleep, but very quick to start trying to hit me). In revenge for disturbing his pleasant nap in the middle of the street he decided to vomit all over the back of the ambulance.
Now…some vomit can be caught in a sick bag, some in a blanket and some needs a vomit bowl. This was a veritable fountain of White Lightning.

Due to some of my escapades in my twenties anything even remotely resembling cider is enough to induce nausea.

I nearly joined him in vomiting over the ambo.

Not that I have a weak stomach, I don't mind the smell of fungating tumours, infected leg ulcers or the rather “unique” smells that accompany autopsies. But the smell of White Lightning will get me everytime.

We are airing out the ambo at the moment in consideration for the next poor sod that gets a ride in our big white taxi tonight.

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