Lapdance Island

So… There is a new Reality TV programme called Lapdance Island in which you have to live on an island with 40 lap-dancers, while being sure not to touch them, otherwise you lose.
Now, I suspect that a lot of people will be complaining about how demeaning this is, how TV has sunk to new lows and that sort of thing.

I have a different idea. It's actually a bluff, the makers are looking for people who are expecting to go to and island and be surrounded by gyrating young women, when actually they will crash the plane in Siberia and film the group trying to survive and make their way back to civilisation using the only Hawaiian Shirts they have on their back.

I call that entertaining, seeing them fend off wild bears with beach umbrellas, using swimwear as kindling to ward off those cold, cold nights and wondering where the naked ladies are.

(Of course I could be completely wrong)

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