Live From Gran Canaria

So I´m over halfway through my holiday, and I´ve not been missing the Internet too much (mainly because I´m distracted by the scantily clad women that populate this island).

Instead I find myself typing on a Spanish keyboard, which has the keys in the wrong place and have weird symbols on them. Never let it be said that travel doesn´t broaden the mind.

It´s actually a miracle I´m here in the first place, as the plane I flew over on seemed to be falling to pieces, the lights flickered, the safety film broke and I´m sure I saw the pilot taking a slug from a hip flask before taking off.

There is also the problem, that I´m holidaying with my family, which as we all have wildly different personalities has led to life being “interesting” in that Chinese curse sort of fashion.

So I´m isolated from my friends, both at home and abroad (although my friends abroad are used to me dropping off the radar due to the vagarities of shift work and time zones)

I get back on Tuesday morning, and cannot wait to see how quickly my mailbox got stuffed with spam.

That is if the flight goes well.

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