Why Won’t They Let Me Do This?

Well, here is a moan about something that I am not allowed to do. I'm not allowed to run people over in my job. I could really clean the streets of a lot of stupid people if I was able to do that.
Picture the scene, there I am, driving through the streets of London in big white van, with blue flashing lights, sirens and the word Ambulance written in rather large letters. What would you do? Would you think “Hmm, being run over by that would really hurt, I think I'll wait the 12 nanoseconds that it takes him to drive past before I cross the road”. Or would you, as most of the people in my area apparently do, think “Hmm, an Ambulance on his way to an important job, I bet I can run across the road in front of him before he can hit me”.

So during the last job, Three people tried to dive under my ambulance. If I was allowed (by government grant or some such) to keep driving and splat them across my windscreen, that would mean three less idiots being allowed to breed tonight.

Oh well, I might get lucky later tonight.

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