Why, Oh Why?

So why am I writing this? I mean it's not as if I'm an American and this is “Therapy” for some form of undisclosed trauma. I'm not a teenager (Thank The Gods!) so this isn't some cry for recognition of the hardships I'm going through. I'm not an egomaniac because I know I can't write, can't spell and throw commas around like confetti…
…So Why?…

…Probably because I absolutely love the idea of Blogs, PhoneBlogs, MoBlogs and all that Jazz. I'm a sucker for Wi-Fi, Broadband and personal reportage that bypasses the Monolithic BBC. But mainly because we live in a world where foreign governments can kill “suspects”, where Governments seek to charge you to spy on you and where I couldn't buy a tiny one bedroom flat in a shitty part of London for the cost of a seven bedroom estate in Scotland.

Oh…and I like to moan.

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