It appears that the entire Ghana nation is using my street as a parking lot After being annoyed by drunks all night and after a bugger of a last job (more on which later), the last thing that I need are more drunks keeping me awake as chatter outside my window.It's bad enough I've had to park a couple of minutes walk away.
I've done my work, do I really have to put up with it at home as well?
A lot of people outside my bedroom window need to be very thankful right now that the UK doesn't let us own guns…
Great, now they are sounding their horns at each other.
Oh even better…R&B…
Sent from a mobile phone, from his bed, with gritted teeth.

9 thoughts on “Grrrr”

  1. Enoch?I am all for multiculturalism, I don't mind when it's outside my door (where I used to live we had Sikh parades banging past my window).

    The only thing is that it's a bit much at 2am in the morning. I'd be just as annoyed if they were English football fans.

    I don't care if it's during the day even if I'm trying to sleep after a night shift – I'd be surprised if you didn't get annoyed by noisy neighbours at that time in the morning.

  2. Silicone ear plugs? (The kind you can shape to fit.) Or maybe just sleep at the hospital and save on commute time too?Sounds bloody awful. Hope you're surviving.

  3. Come on now, Enoch, grant a little latitude. It's not every day Ghana has such a glorious win at football. Let them celebrate, you curmudgeonly old misery. Anyway, I thought you championed the multi-culturalism of East London. Not in your back yard, though, eh?

  4. Come on Tom, you're not a LAS senior manager so the World Cup can't have come as a surprise to you. Given your hatred of footy and your 'pensioner like' attitude to the associated high spirits wouldn't it have made more sense to go on holiday. I understand Scotland is pretty quiet at present:-)DSO

  5. Isn't it fabulous though, seeing cars with the George Cross on one side and the Ghanaian flag on the other.Sorry to hear about the noise. I hate it too – and silicon earplugs are an absolute godsend.

  6. (To the commenter above: lighten up. Forgive me for not knowing every detail of ambulance work. That's one of the reasons I read this blog, by the way. All I meant was that emergency workers have got to have some sort of base from which they operate. The suggestions were partly, if not entirely facetious. I'm sure Tom doesn't need me to tell him about earplugs. And I was envisioning an arrangement with cots, camping stove, coleman lantern. You know. So that everyone gets the message. The comment about it sounding bloody awful was not facetious.)Christ on a bike.

  7. You can own a gun in the UK. That is if you apply for a firearms licence and meet all the criteria. Not all guns are banned in the UK just handguns and certain types of rifle.

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