9 thoughts on “Minimalist Blogging #6”

  1. 5,600 calls in 24 hours for the whole of London. Normal number of calls averages out at around 3,000 per day, so the call rate was almost double the norm.Busier than the last new year.

  2. Mainly I dislike football cos I'm always doing a bar shift. Been lucky enough not to be doing A&E on a big matchday. Feel kinda sorry for those unlucky enough to be covering places like Croydon and Canary Wharf.

  3. I just don't get why kicking an over inflated pigs bladder about for 90 minutes can be construed as interesting?!?I did the best thing I could on a really hot sunny day when the football is on… I went to the beach :o)

  4. Five thousand, one hundred and something, I thought, although maybe I made a mistake.I quite like football… I just don't like football fans!

  5. I'll check when I go back in (not for a while, I have cancelled all my overtime because the weather is too nice to be in THERE). I took 207 calls on Saturday night!!

  6. 5,600 over what period and how big an area? That sounds unimaginably high!! I'm not doubting you…I just can't comprehend that many calls. Bloody football. I hate the way the 'fans' (for we know they are not real fans, who behave) clog up your system and the television too. Soon it will be just football and Big Brother…then I really will start a blog of my own.

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