Where's Reynolds?
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Ten karma points if you can tell where I've been today…

Of course this only works if the picture comes through as well – lets see if Flickr works right…

UPDATE: It's St Leonards church in Shoreditch. Yes, I was picking up one of the drunks who likes to drink in churchyards.

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  1. is it on the road from Newham to the Royal London. sorry my knowledge of that part of london is only known from looking out of the side of a BETS ambulancelooking on google maps i think its on the A13, Commercial Road?

  2. Somewhere in the England area? My knowledge of anything south of Birmingham is quite limited. You aren't in Edinburgh anyway.

  3. that's easy! you're hidden behind a bush outside some random hackney church having your wicked way with a weed smoking heroin addict prostitute!

  4. Random stab in the dark: At work, in an ambulance, in London, in England, in the UK, in europe, in the world……

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